Thursday, March 20, 2014

Reader Question: Dansko Tasha

I recently had a reader ask about how to style a purchase. Lara bought a pair of sandals I have been eying for years! She invested in a pair of Dansko Tasha sandals in sky blue. I love the vibrant color. She also mentioned that she doesn't want to be too matchy-matchy and that she doesn't wear blue near her face. So I made up a few outfits that I hope will spark her style inspiration.

Maxi dresses are soon to be in season. This coral and cream print is perfect with the bright blue sandal. The colors really work well together for a fun summer ensemble.

A printed short is great for a summer BBQ. This print might be blue, but it's just a hair off shade of matchy with the Tasha sandal. I love adding the pink sweater. I encourage everyone to try new out new colors up near your face, you never know what you might find. If the blue is too much with the pink you can always swap it for a simple white tee.  

Speaking of a simple white tee, here is a great spring skirt option. Lara mentioned she has a skirt with blue in it. Add a statement necklace and cute bracelet to make this ensemble pop.

My personal favorite is the casual jeans and stripes outfit. One of my goals this spring and summer is to wear my fedoras. It's the perfect compliment to classic skinnies and stripes with a pop of color sandal.

Best of luck Lara in styling your awesome sandals!

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  1. I totally love your style !!! And I agree the last outfit is my favorite, but all of them are just so cute ! xo


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