Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Sweet, Sweet Life II

Here are a few highlights from the last month. No fashion, but there is a cute baby!

We got a new car! Yay! Now we can travel comfortably. We had a little (4-door) coupe. It was time for an upgrade. I LOVE it!

We took a little trip to Portland, OR and stopped at the falls on the way home. Baby was intrigued.

My good friend C of CB Photography took our family pictures recently. I love how she catches the candid moments. I can't wait to see the rest, but this one has got to be framed! (Check her out on Facebook if you're local to the Tri-Cities.)

Daddy had to get baby on the lawn mower ASAP. He loved it and knew just what to do with that steering wheel.

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  1. Awww! You look like you are totally living life to the fullest. Lots of happiness.


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