Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Why do stay at home moms have to be portrayed this way all the time? It's frustrating me today. I'm not saying we have to look like a Kardashian all the time (or that I never look like this momma), but really. Really? Can't we take a little pride in how we look.

It's healthy to take time for yourself, momma. (For you and the kids.) They need to know it's okay to take care of yourself and you are the one they are learning from and emulating. I know, when I look like poop, I feel like poop and if I feel like poop, I act like poop. I'm a better person and mother when I shower, throw on a little make up and wear clean (matching, well-fitting) clothes (even if it is yoga pants and a tee). I do not feel guilty for taking care of myself and mothers should not be guilt ridden becasue they take 20 minutes of peace in their day. 

Yeah, my showers are short. My kid is in the pac n' play watching cartoons while the hot water releases the tension in my neck. And he's running around, getting into the towel cabinet as I'm drying my hair and dabbing a little concealer on my dark under eye circles from being woken up four times last night. He's playing with my make-up brush as I'm swiping my cheeks with blush and throwing on a layer of mascara. But I feel a little brighter for it. He's tossing my shoes around the closet while I'm grabbing my day's ensemble (hello, fall-go-to of leggings-tunic-boots). But I'll hold my head a little higher at today's play-date, errand, mommy-group, (insert the day's event here). And he will learn that it's healthy to take care of yourself and he is worthy of it. 

Repeat after me, "I am worth it! I am worth taking care of becasue I have so many others who need the best me I can be."

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Shopping on a Budget

I have a pretty limited budget when it comes to shopping for clothes and such. I was checking out handbags the other day. I needed a larger bag ASAP. So I looked over the clearance table at Macy's. The price tags were a bit high, but from experience I can give you these tips:

-don't always believe the marked price. I always scan the tag. It might be on a bigger sale than you think! This genuine leather bag was marked at over $60. But the real price was much lower.

-have a coupon ready or ask the sales clerk if they have coupons. I always save 20% on my purchases at Macy's. If I don't have the coupon with me I mention it and the ladies usually have one on hand.

-shop off-season. I picked up this awesome bag for $30! It was originally $179.00. But it's a summer color and style so it was marked way down! I can still get some mileage out of it this fall and then have a "new" bag come springtime.

How do you shop on a budget? Share your tips on the comments.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Fashion Show, Check!

A real live runway show in the middle of my hometown's Main Street! What an experience. The lights. The music. The fashion. It was all very exciting!

While the show was way cool, it is hard to get excited about pieces that are way out of my price range. I only know a handful of people who would pay $100 for a t-shirt and $200-400 for other pieces. I'd been thinking it all through the show and finally one of the attendees said it out loud to me. I was relieved not to be the only one with a small budget. 

However, I'd give my right arm for a pair of EILEEN FISHER booties. So cute! They were styled with every outfit. Hello, to fall's number one trend!

I didn't mingle much. I wasn't sure what to do with myself. The press seems to invisible. I'm thinking next time I have an event I'll do a street style post so I can mingle and chat up the attendees. If I can muster up the courage, that is.

Here's a (terrible) but only picture of what I wore. I felt like a million bucks.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A Press Pass?

If you've been following me the last couple of days you know I'm headed to the EILEEN FISHER fashion show on Thursday. I'm not just attending. I'm attending with a press pass. But what does that really mean? Wikipedia says it means I'm a practicing journalist. True, I suppose. And certain privileges come with it. Awesome. But how do I know what those privileges are? I know I'll be taking pictures of the runway show and possibly some attendees. I'll be writing a blog post after the fact and probably posting to social media during the live event. But do I need to be prepared with questions for the fashion show tipsters? What do I ask? Do I mingle and chat with guests? What do I say? HOw many press passes will be there? Oy vey. My head is spinning. I've got to chill this noggin'.

Any tips ladies and gents?

Monday, September 22, 2014

The Big Question

"What do I wear to the fashion show?" Of course!! I haven't been able to stop thinking about this since I accepted the invitation to attend the EILEEN FISHER fashion show. I immedietly thought of Indiana Adams of Indiana Elsewhere. She has a wonderfully quirky style and always looks effortlessly chic when attending events. That's the vibe I want to exude. But when I have events to attend I often over-think and over-style myself. I just need to keep cool and channel Indiana.

Here are a few mixes I thought up over the weekend. I need something transitional becasue it's outside, in the evening and the weather lady says it might rain. I also want to look professional, yet unique, showing my eye for style like layering, mixing prints and knowing what's on trend. I will definitely need comfortable shoes and bag big enough to hold my essentials plus my camera. What would you wear?