Tuesday, August 18, 2015

I'll see you in Las Vegas

Las Vegas. Oh how I love thee! It's were my husband and I had our first vacation together. It's where we got married. It's where we relax-have drinks by the pool and then nap and hit the strip after dinner.

I've also taken a girl's vacation to Vegas. What fun! We took in a few shows, ate lots of food, toured the hotels and gardens and visited the Tigers and dolphins at the Mirage.

Which brings me to my next visit to Las Vegas! I'll go to Vegas.com and find my favorite hotel. Let's say it's The Mirage this time around. When I first fly in I'll take a mini tour of The Mirage, grab a bite and a drink and walk the strip. 

But on my second day? I've got plans. Plans for the pool in the morning. Cabana included! Mimosas and pancakes at the pool sounds divine and I just might nap too.

Then I'll change and head to the spa in the afternoon. A massage, a dip in the hot tub and a mani-pedi before getting ready for a night out.

This time I'm going to let it all out in Vegas! We'll start at Nightlife Revolution or 1 OAK. Or both! We'll dance and laugh and celebrate life as we walk the strip looking for the next great night club!

What will you do in Las Vegas? Better yet, what will you wear?

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Review: Amazingly Beautiful

Quite sometime ago I was asked to review a set of essential face oils from Trusted Health Products. Oil, for my face? I was intrigued. They sent me the Amazingly Beautiful set which contains an AM moisturizer and a PM revitalizer. 

I love that the set is personalized! Such a nice touch! Anyway, I put my moisturizer away and used the oils, as directed, for about two months. 2-3 drops in the AM and 2-3 drops in the PM. It took my skin a good week to get used to this new moisture, but surprisingly, I wasn't oily, but nicely moisturized.

However, after a couple of weeks my cheeks were staying really dry. I'd exfoliate and try to add a bit more oil to the area. But they just weren't getting any better. I don't think it had much to do with the oils. I'm sure it's just the nature of my skin, as I'm not using Amazingly Beautiful anymore and I'm still dealing with the dryness issue. 

So, why didn't I stick with the Beautiful set? I found that if I got the oil on or below my jaw line or on the back of my neck, I'd get bad breakouts. My cheeks were still dry and flaky as well. I also signed up to have my own home business and my company has skin care, so naturally, I had to try it.

Would I recommend Trusted Health Products' Beautiful set? Absolutely! While it didn't work for my skin, it's definitely something worth a try. I can say, that the oils felt much lighter than any moisturizer I've used. I liked that feeling. I also like that it's a natural alternative to chemical laden formulas, as I'm slowly omitting as many chemicals from my life as possible.

Trusted Health Products has quite a few other all natural items to choose from as well. If I am looking for something in the future I may turn to this site for purchases. Why not give "all natural" a try? 

Monday, January 5, 2015

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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Holiday Party Time III

Okay, one last post on Holiday ensembles from your own closet. Search through your closet orphans, accessories, tights, handbags. You'll be surprised at you might find!

 I have a love of stripes! Black and white are my favorite. Once I own black and white stripes I won't part with it until it's worn out. So, I found this Kensie brand dress on thredUP for $14. It was new with tags! Whoa a such a good deal! I mixed prints with my cute Aztec inspired clutch, added my super sexy boots and boom; a quick and easy party ready outfit. Sequins again. Yes. This top has served me well. {Just search sequins in my sidebar search bar and you'll see this top over and over.} I rarely wear this green blazer. But it's perfect for a festive work party.

Red. Ah, what a striking choice for Christmas! I looks great on everyone. This sweater dress has been so versatile. It makes for a sexy little dress this holiday season. Add fun tights or go bare legged. It creams festive.

What will you be wearing to your holiday parties? Will you be shopping your closet or buying new?

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Holiday Party Time II

Well, I am in trouble now. I've been creating so many ensembles using my own closet that I don't know how I'm going to choose what to wear to my two parties. I just might have to throw my own so I can get dressed up again.

So, here you go. Another batch of party style!

So many holiday outfits are short or show lots of skin. So I decided to go a little conservative here. All three of these ensembles would be perfect for a business gathering, as well as, a church event or for someone who prefers a more conservative dressed up look. The pants look amazing with a tucked top. So on trend and chic. The striped skirt and boots make for a fun addition to the rhinestone top. One of my favorites is the midi skirt. It cinches the waist and flares out. Pairing it with the rosebud heels has a very vintage feel and so classy.

Another option to the cocktail dress are pants. I love dressing up pants. I'm most comfortable in pants so it only seems natural. Lace and grey. So subtly pretty. Paired with printed heels makes it special. Sequins and fur. What could be more eye catching and festive? Gold hues are so pretty and unexpected. Are you going to be eating a lot at your holiday party? Pair a loose sequined tunic with leggings to stay comfy all night while enjoying the food and festivities.

Would you wear pants to a holiday party?